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Beauty Facial Oxygen Machine:

Using high-pressure air pump technology, it can extract part of the oxygen in the air, compress a large number of active factors in oxygen, convert the skincare essence into a small spray, evenly spray on the face. This oxygen-enriched makeup airbrush uses mechanical high-pressure atomization to evenly crush the liquid into Nano molecules. Under the action of pressure, the active substances of the serum & toner can be better penetrated into the deepest skin layer, and the effect of skincare has been significantly improved. And also save doses.

Portable - Skin Care Anytime, Anywhere


1. Brand new one-piece design, simple and generous shape, easy to carry;
2. The fog is delicate and soft, suitable for high-definition makeup printing;
3. Simple operation, easy to disassemble and clean the nozzle;
4. It is suitable for most essence ampoules on the market, which is convenient for daily skincare;
5. Built-in 3400mah super-capacity lithium battery, support USB charging, 24 hours at any time;
6. Charging display, the indicator light is always on when fully charged;
7. Two levels of adjustment, set the pressure at will according to needs, 5 minutes automatic power-off design;
8. High-pressure spray to avoid large water droplets
9.The nozzle is not easy to be blocked in normal use
Executive standard: CE, GS, ROHS, ETL
You can add toner, mineral water, astringent water, essence, softening water, hydrosol, hyaluronic acid, freeze-dried powder, etc. The water density should not be too high, which may cause clogging of the nozzle; it can also be used to spray cake pigments, tattoo embroidery spray color


One-touch control ON / OFF / Two levels of pressure, easy to operate

Slowly rotate the nozzle to adjust the airflow ( air flow smaller from clockwise direction, bigger from counterclockwise )DSC_8845
Pull the trigger up and down to adjust the liquid flow

Package included:

1 * Main Machine
1 * USB cord
1 * English Manual
1 * 5CC Volumetric Bottle
1 * BOX

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