Macrame Plant Holders Home Decor

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Macrame Plant Holders Home Decor

  • These macrame plant holders are beautiful and unique plant holders with a hanging design
  • It comes with four designs that are unique to each other and are equally beautiful
  • It has a durable material and design, it’s stable as well to hold even your favorite ceramic pots
  • Material: Cotton Rope
  • Approximate length: 35 inch, 40 inch, 49 inch, 67 inch
  • Plant Pot Diameter: 7in
  • Package Contents:
    • 4 x Macrame Plant Holders Home Decor (Pots not included)

Macrame Plant Holders Home Decor

One of the best ways to decorate your home is by adding plants. Consequently, when the room has plants in it, it becomes more charming and beautiful. Having plants makes the room more relaxed and peaceful as well. It is an inexpensive decoration for your house that makes the atmosphere more positive. It is important that your space at home emits positive energy so you can feel happy spending time at home. That is also a reason why many people invest in making the home more beautiful according to their preferences. If you want a beautiful holder that is not typical, then these macrame plant holders are perfect for you. When you have this, you can then beautifully hang your plants around your living area. The string cloth design provides a homey and delicate design for your space. this will definitely make your home more beautiful.

Four Designs

You can get not one but four macrame plant holders. All four of them have different designs and are unique to each other. At the same time, the four design is equally beautiful as well. The material gives the plant holder a soft look that is very elegant as well as the beautiful braid design of the rope. More so, this makes the plant holders perfect and a safe choice. This is because the plant holders complement different interior designs. Not only that, they have a wall-hanging design that is space-saving. You can surely find a perfect spot in your home where you can put these plant holders.

Durable and Stable

Despite the soft look of these designs, they actually have a durable material that can support your plant-filled pots. The spots where you put the pots are stable as well. You can even confidently place your favorite ceramic pot on these holders

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