Baby Kit Hygiene Care Grooming Set


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Baby Kit Hygiene Care Grooming Set

The Baby Kit Hygiene Care Grooming Set gives you a simple, safe, and convenient full assortment of baby grooming essentials. All the grooming tools are neatly packed in a convenient carry case with zippered, clear-view lid. It has compartments to help keep the tools handy and easy to access.

You don’t have to buy each item separately, this kit has all the grooming tools in one bag! Perfect to bring for traveling and can easily fit in your baby’s diaper bag. A hygienic way of keeping your child perfectly groomed all the time. Kids are very sensitive and it is best that they have their own grooming tools just for their personal use.

Grooming Tools Included

  1. Toothbrush
    • Perfectly made for your child’s sensitive teeth and gums. The brush bristles are gentle on your child’s gums and teeth but also cleans effectively. Its handles are comfortable for a child’s little hand making a secure grip that will not slip while in use.
  2. Hair Brush
    • Best to use for newborns and babies with only thin hair. This brush is very soft and gentle, just enough to fix your baby’s hair in place.
  3. Hair Comb
    • For thick hair. The bristles are not hard and will not hurt your child’s head while combing. Has a comfortable grip which is perfect too for your child’s little hand. You can teach them early how to comb their own hair. Gripping this comb will not be hard for them.
  4. Nail File
    • Trim the edges of your child’s nails safely.
  5. Scissors
    • The tip of the blade of this scissor is rounded and will not hurt when accidentally poked on the skin.
  6. Nail Cutter
    • Has a comfortable grip for safe trimming of your child’s nails. The handle will make sure it will not slip as you cut your child’s nails.
  • A convenient carry case with all babies grooming essentials.
  • Easy to use and grip.
  • A great gift for the new mum.
  • Essential tools to support any caregiver in safely and gently grooming babies and toddlers.
  • Handy carry case for easy storage and compact enough for the nappy bag.

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