Adjustable Ergonomic foldable portable Laptop Stand desk for bed


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No More Back pain, & Overheated Laptops!

This Laptop Stand allows you to use your laptop while sitting on the couch, lying in bed, working on the office desk, and so on. This versatile laptop stand is fully adjustable to meet your desired height and working environment.

Do you use your laptop when laying in bed or relaxing on the couch? Your laptop emits uncomfortable heat on your lap and does not properly vent because there's nowhere for the airflow to go.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

This High-Quality Aluminum Alloy folding laptop stand is the all-in-one solution for computing when on the couch or in bed.
It is engineered with venting holes on the surface and is fully adjustable to meet your desired height.

Improves Your Posture

It has never been so easy to work from the couch or watch your favorite movie in bed. This Premium Flexible Laptop Desk will improve your posture. It can be used as a standing desk at home or in the office. Just place the adjustable flex stand on your existing desk, and adjust to a comfortable height!



  1. Material: magnesium and aluminum alloy
  2. weight: 1530g
  3. Size: Expand(527X255x310mm),fold(527X255X40mm)
  4. Color: black, red
  5. Height: adjustable from 0-310mm
  6. Angle: adjustable from 0-90 degree
Package Included: 
1x  360° foldable laptop desk with 

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