48V 1000W Electric Bike Motor Scooter Speed Controller with Throttle Twist Grips


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Brushed Controller :
Casing material: Aluminium
Motor brushed controller for Electric bicycle & scooter
Rated voltage: dc 48 v
Current limited: 30A
Rated power: 1000 w
Matching motor: dc brushed motor
Under Voltage Protection: 42V

Material: Plastic
Electric Bike scooter twist throttle accelerator with power display, 5Led battery indicator.
Throttle Works Voltage: DC5V
Speed Adjusting Signal:0.8V~4.3V
Power display Voltage: DC 42V
Power display:
Normal: 48V above, 3 Led Green
Half: 47V ~ 42V, Led Yellow
Empty: 42V or less, Led Red
Rotation angle: 0 °~ 70 °
Working temperature: -20 ℃~ +50 ℃
Fits standard 7/8 inches(22.2mm) handlebars
Cable length is approximately 47 inches (1.2m)

Controller Wires Interface Definition:
Battery :  Thick Black (Power Negative) /Thick Red (Power Positive)
Motor :Thick Yellow (Motor Negative) /Thick Blue (Motor Positive)
Ignition Switch:Thin Red(VCC)/Thin Blue
Indicator: Thin red (Indicator power output) /thin black (indicator negative)
Brake :thin yellow (Brake signal)/thin black(Negative Power)
Speed governor :Thin blue(Speed handlebar Signal input) /Thin black (Negative Power) /thin red(5V Positive Power)
Charge Port : Thin red (charge input power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)
Brake Light: Thin red (power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)
Sport: Thin yellow /thin green

Package Included:
1 x 48V throttle grip with normal grip
1 x 48V 1000W Controller
1 X Black terminal ends

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